Suggestions regarding GSoC project

Udit agarwal dev.madaari at
Sat Mar 10 01:14:16 UTC 2018

Hi all, Hi Christian Mauderer, Hi Russel Haley,

I need some reviews/suggestions from the community regarding the idea of
Porting FreeBSD's SDIO driver to RTEMS via libbsd , building and testing on
Beaglebone Black BSP and then benchmarking it against our existing SDHC

Also, at this point, I find it a bit difficult to estimate the length of
this project, whether it's doable within GSoC timeframe or if it's easier
then my expectations then will it be a good idea to include other libbsd
based projects like #3223 <>  or #3222
<> in my proposal to make it a bit fair
and strong.

Udit agarwal
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