GSoC 2018 (x86_64, pc386, SMP improvements, rump kernels)

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On 12/03/18 21:20, Gedare Bloom wrote:

> Since I'm pretty keen on RTEMS, I think I'll have a 2nd proposal too, which
>> I'll decide and discuss with you guys soon, hopefully! (Perhaps the
>> tracing
>> or the APA scheduling projects).
>> That's fine.  I don't think APA by itself is enough for the summer.
The strong APA scheduler was a GSoC project last year. Unfortunately the
student got ill and could not really work on it.

I think a ready to use tracing framework with good support from standard
tools would be quite nice for RTEMS application development. I have some
network stack performance issues which are probably more easy to track down
with such a tool ;-)

The  Common Trace Format (CTF) project is the one I steering students to
for this use case. It is what integrates into Eclipse and lets you use the
Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTNG). That tool visualizes trace logs, can do it
live or from logs, and has built-in capability to detect some behavioral
errors based on logged event patterns.

The cousin of this is the TCF project for remote debugging and target
interaction. Also used by Eclipse.

As far as I can tell, those are the two pieces required to give us a really
nice and complete Eclipse environment.

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