RTEMS monitor commands and the shell

Paul Whitfield paulw at omnitronics.com.au
Fri Mar 16 07:43:07 UTC 2018

We have hit this problem with rtems 4.10.
I think the monitor commands should be treated the same as the other shell commands. 
It should be possible to disable via shellconfig.h - by default all are enabled, but that can be disabled. 

In our application, the monitor 'exit' command was particularly problematic because customers connect to the monitor via telnet then type exit to end the telnet session. 
The exit command would trigger a fatal error exception, resulting in several bug reports that were 'device restarted for no reason'. :-(

Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield

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The monitor commands are registered automatically in `rtems_shell_init_once()` which means an application has no control over these being present, the command mix and naming, for example there is a `config` command in the monitor.

I am not sure what to do, if it is removed some applications may break assuming these commands are present. A way to disable the command using shellconfig.h would be nice.


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