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Christian Mauderer list at c-mauderer.de
Sat Mar 17 21:09:20 UTC 2018

Am 17.03.2018 um 19:40 schrieb Udit agarwal:
> Hi Sebastian, Hi all,
> One part of my GSoC project consists of importing SDIO driver from
> FreeBSD head (as on july 2017 or later). As far as importing is
> concerned there is a lot of information in libbsd.txt or on previous
> GSoC student's blogs which can help me understand the process. However,
> before importing i also need to update libbsd base to FreeBSD head(as on
> july 2017 or later). I couldn't find much information regarding this
> update process. It would be really helpful if you point me towards its
> relevant documentation or give me a gist of the whole process. That
> would again help me understand the process better, and thus propose a
> more elaborated and realistic time-line.
> Thanks and Regards
> Udit agarwal

Hello Udit,

there is no step-by-step guide (or any other guide) regarding a complete
FreeBSD update. That has to do with the fact that there is no standard
way to do it. Each update is quite unique.

The basic steps are the following ones:

- Use the freebsd-to-rtems.py script to move the changes to freebsd-org

- Rebase the changes in freebsd-org to the latest head.

- Re-Import the files with freebsd-to-rtems.py.

- Take a look at what changed in FreeBSD and fix everything.

The first three are easy. The last one is really hard if you don't know
the code.

I have seen that you are able to search through code quite quickly. But
I also have seen that you had some trouble with the mutex in the
getentropy patch. Although I'm sure you don't have problems learning the
necessary basics I think that it is quite likely that it will use up too
much time of the project. So I would suggest to plan the alternative
solution: Backport the driver. Although with that there will be no patch
that we can integrate into the current libbsd, it is a solution that is
doable in the scope of your GSoC project.

If you prefer to produce code that will be integrated quickly, you can
still think about the other libbsd projects.


Christian Mauderer

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