RSB build failure

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun Mar 18 03:37:52 UTC 2018

On 18/3/18 2:31 pm, Vidushi Vashishth wrote:
>>I have been testing on a range of MacOS versions over the years and I have not
> seen any issues report. If you have seen issues or you know of reports please
> let me know. 
> I was able to setup the environment successfully yesterday. Though in the
> process I had another error which I managed to deal with. PFA the attached
> report. Its about the relocation of the libexpat to github. I manually
> downloaded the tar file and put it in the required sources folder.

Interesting. Please raise a ticket, set the component to rsb and assign to me. I
will take a look next week. I cannot remember if I deleted the source tarball on
MacOS and tested this.

>>I have XCode installed with the command line package.
> I also have this. I had python packages installed using homebrew too which
> weren't in the PATH variable. Adding them to the path solved the issue.

Thanks for reporting this. That clears up what was happening.


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