RTEMS State of the World Presentation

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Sun Nov 11 22:04:30 UTC 2018


Each year at the Flight Software Workshop I give a presentation on what has
happened with RTEMS in the past year or so, things that need highlighting,
and what needs attention and love. This year I have a request for similar
slides for someone to present at an EPICS meeting on Thursday. Please help
me with ideas and bullets. Slide ideas so far:

+ Libbsd - what all is there? I'm surprised at what's in there, so info on
features, bsps supported, and what's next is appreciated.

+ Ecosystem - testing, rsb, Eclipse, tracing, etc

+ New ports and bsps

+ Infrastructure status and needs

+ Relicensing

Anything else of interest to a random group of RTEMS aware folks and real
users. Consider this status and marketing. :)

Ideas and meat for presentation appreciated.

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