RFC: Value of New Section on Tools Build Time Expectations

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Sun Oct 21 17:07:23 UTC 2018


I am in the middle of reconfiguring my old (~2013 i7) laptop as an email
and remote workstation for home. Between helping students and doing two
Kick Starts in the past 6 weeks, VM configuration, disk space expectations,
and time required to build the tools seem to be a topic that needs to be
addressed. Under-configured VMs don't finish building or take a LONG time.

I am proposing that I gather performance and configuraton notes for
building SPARC tools after downloading source on a few configurations:

+ Laptop 2013 i7: Centos on VM
+ Laptop 2013 i7: MSYS2
+ Laptop 2013 i7: Cygwin
+ Laptop 2017 i7: Same three
+ 8 core Xeon Centos native
+ 12 core i7 Fedora native

One the 2017 7th generation i7, differences in VM configuration can result
in the build time for sparc tools almost tripling.

Does this sound useful or confusing? I know it is potentially somewhat
volatile information. But my old 3rd generation i7 CPU benchmark results
are comparable to an i5 that is much newer. Plus my old i7 has an SSD which
many newer i3/i5 laptops do not.

Feedback appreciated.

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