ARM GICv3 Support

Will nyphbl8d at
Tue Oct 23 18:28:11 UTC 2018

I'm currently doing some evaluations for an ARMv8 BSP which would
necessarily include a GIC that implements the GICv3 spec[1]. I see that
there is a shared GIC driver for ARM that seems to implement the ARM GICv1
spec based on the BSPs in which it is used.

Is anyone aware of whether the shared ARM GIC driver can also drive GICv2
implementations and thus possibly drive GICv3 implementations in legacy
mode (see section 1.3.6 of the spec) with minor alterations/restrictions?

I suspect that this is the case since GICv2 appears to be purely extensions
to GICv1, but it would be nice to have confirmation from someone better
versed in the implementation.


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