[PATCH 2/3] user/start/index.rst: Polish the introduction and number the steps

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Fri Oct 12 19:28:56 UTC 2018

 user/start/index.rst | 30 +++++++++++++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/user/start/index.rst b/user/start/index.rst
index 3248647..1d987fd 100644
--- a/user/start/index.rst
+++ b/user/start/index.rst
@@ -12,13 +12,15 @@ The following is a quick start guide that provides a basic set of commands to
 build the RTEMS Tools and Kernel. The quick start guide provides links to the
 detailed sections if any problems are encountered.
-The detailed procedure for installing RTEMS can be found in
+The detailed procedure for installing an RTEMS Workspace can be found in
+:ref:`installation`. This includes information on installation points,
+developer versions, and the RTEMS kernel.
-The development host computer needs to be set up for this quick start procedure
-to complete successfully. :ref:`host-computer` details what is needed for the
-supported host operating systems. If Windows is being used it is recommended
-following the procedure in :ref:`microsoft-windows` first.
+Before beginning, the development host computer needs to be set up for
+this quick start procedure to complete successfully. :ref:`host-computer`
+details what is needed for the supported host operating systems. If
+Windows is being used it is recommended following the procedure in
+:ref:`microsoft-windows` first.
 There are many ways and locations a suitable environment can be set up. A
 common factor that defines the final location of tools and projects is the
@@ -29,12 +31,18 @@ file system you, as a standard user, have read and write access too.
 :ref:`Prefixes` and :ref:`project-sandboxing` provide detailed examples
 of possible locations and set ups .
-This procedure installs a developer set up using the RTEMS Git repositories on
-a Unix (POSIX) or MacOS host. The output from the commands has been removed and
-replaced with ``...``.
+The short version of this procedure is as follows
-Create a workspace, download the RTEMS Source Builder (RSB) and build a tool
-chain (:ref:`posix-host-tools-chain`):
+#. create a workspace,
+#. download the RTEMS Source Builder (RSB),
+#. build an RTEMS tool chain for a specific target architecture,
+#. download RTEMS, and then
+#. build RTEMS for a specific Board Support Package (BSP).
 .. code-block:: shell

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