libBSD and CPU Load display questions in SMP mode

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Oct 17 02:29:52 UTC 2018

On 17/10/2018 13:17, jameszxj wrote:
> 2.I create a patch about top usage to make the display messages look reasonable,
> if someone have time to review it?

Could you please create a ticket on the 5.1 milestone and attach the patch?

The first page of the wiki at has a link to create a
new ticket.

> I notice that the top usage display 2 priority,RPRI and CPRI, they are the
> same value , what's the diffrence?

One is the real priority and the other the current priority. A priority can be
raised when priority inheritance raises a low priority thread holding a
semaphore to the priority a waiting higher priority thread.


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