[PATCH v2] sb: Add support to search for a suitable version of python.

Malte Münch mamu at stablerock.de
Wed Oct 24 22:09:14 UTC 2018

It seems to be an issue with the waf building system. If i change the
symlink /usr/bin/python to python2 everything works fine and the build
is able to run through.



On 24.10.18 13:23, Malte Münch wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> the GDB build went fine but lateron the rtems-tools build crashed with
> the following error:
> ret=[x for x in
> self.ant_iter(accept=accept,pats=[to_pat(incl),to_pat(excl)],maxdepth=kw.get('maxdepth',25),dir=dir,src=src,remove=kw.get('remove',True))]
> RuntimeError: generator raised StopIteration
> shell cmd failed: /bin/sh -ex
> /home/mamu/dr/rsb/rtems/build/rtems-tools-36fde5169aef5b0af37f951907705caee76626ee-1/do-build
> error: building rtems-tools-36fde5169aef5b0af37f951907705caee76626ee-1
>   See error report:
> rsb-report-rtems-tools-36fde5169aef5b0af37f951907705caee76626ee-1.txt
> Build Set: Time 0:55:40.241000
>> Many thanks for the help debugging this.
> I have to thank you. I wouldn't have made it so far without your help.
> Best
> Malte

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