RTEMS PicoZed Compatibility

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Tue Oct 30 00:13:05 UTC 2018

On 30/10/2018 04:57, Misra, Avinash wrote:
> I wanted to double check whether or not RTEMS will work on the Zynq Processor
> found on the picoZed FPGA board (http://zedboard.org/product/picozed). I have
> seen references for RTEMS for the MicroZed and ZedBoards which use the Zynq-7010
> and Zynq-7020 SOM FPGAs but wanted to confirm whether or not it would work with
> the Zynq-7015 and Zynq-7030 families (the picoZeds) and whether or not a
> suitable BSP also exists for them.

It should be OK. I have just landed a 7015 PicoZed on my desk with a carrier
board. I have not had a chance to get it going. The board I have has 1G of RAM
which is nice (configure setting controls the amount of RAM).

The hard IP in the Zynq's is the same so it is just the speeds and number of
gates in the PL side that vary so the BSP should be OK. I have the BSP running
on 7045 custom boards without any issues. The BSP allows you to provide
functions that are declared weak to provide specific clock settings etc.

I do not know if u-boot has a suitable MIO first stage boot loader for the DDR
ram set up.


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