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We knew this was coming. My recollection is that we have a single BSP this
would impact. But that has already been impacted by SPU being split into a
separate gcc target post GCC 7. And that has not been addressed yet anyway.

What's the plan for SPU?

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Subject: [RFC/RFA] Obsolete Cell Broadband Engine SPU targets
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the spu-elf target in GCC supports generating code for the SPU processors
of the Cell Broadband Engine; it has been part of upstream GCC since 2008.

However, at this point I believe this target is no longer in use:
- There is no supported Cell/B.E. hardware any more.
- There is no supported operating system supporting Cell/B.E. any more.

I've still been running daily regression tests until now, but I'll be
unable to continue to do so much longer since the systems I've been
using for this will go away.

Rather than leave SPU support untested/maintained, I'd therefore
propose to declare all SPU targets obsolete in GCC 9 and remove
the code with GCC 10.

Any objections to this approach?



        * config.gcc: Mark spu* targets as deprecated/obsolete.

Index: gcc/config.gcc
--- gcc/config.gcc      (revision 270076)
+++ gcc/config.gcc      (working copy)
@@ -248,6 +248,7 @@ md_file=
 # Obsolete configurations.
 case ${target} in
   *-*-solaris2.10*                     \
+  | spu*-*-*                           \
   | tile*-*-*                          \
     if test "x$enable_obsolete" != xyes; then
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