LibBSD master vs 5-freebsd12 TI frame buffer patches

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Aug 15 00:36:17 UTC 2019


Currently the RSB libbsd package is building and installing LibBSD `master` and
I was looking to move this to `5-freebsd12` to align it with the needs of a release.

>From what I can see important patches are on both branches which is great. Thanks.

I am wondering about the recent GSoC commits to add frame buffer support to
`master`. If a package to build LittlevGL is added and there is no frame buffer
support the resulting BBB BSP build will not work. I do not know of a way to
check the LibBSD library for frame buffer support and conditionally build LittlevGL.

Possible solutions ...

1. Add --enable-libbsd-master and build master when ask by a user?

2. A LibBSD check. How?

3. Merge patches on to 5-freebsd12 branch?

4. Switch to `5-freebsd12` and do nothing and let the user figure out frame
buffer support is on LibBSD `master` and implement 1. ?


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