chrisj at rtems.org chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Aug 19 06:50:00 UTC 2019


This patch adds to rtems-tools a TFTP proxy. The proxy lets you point
the boot loaders for a farm of devices at a single server and the
proxy will farm out the requests to other ports and servers.

This lets you run tests on other machines or use non-secure port
numbers removing the need to sudo. An example config INI file is:

; Local test network.
clients = bbb, microzed, rpi2

mac = 1c:ba:8c:96:20:bc
host =

mac = 6e:3a:1c:22:aa:5f, 8a:3d:5f:67:55:cb
host =

mac = b8:27:eb:29:6b:bc
host =

Using the proxy lets you run hardware testing on a single machine
using rtems-test at the same time.


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