[RSB PATCH] Added qemu 4.1.0 as bare target

Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.se
Mon Aug 19 20:53:18 UTC 2019

This patch will add QEMU-4.1.0 as RSB target devel/qemu4. The current devel/qemu target will be preserved. Builds and installs fine on ubuntu 18.04 x86_64. Build scripts might need tweaks for other platforms. A few patches are still pulled in, currently hosted on gaisler.org but could be moved to Trac ..? Tested with sparc/leon3 bsp, about 10 unexpected fails/timeouts out of 530 tests.

Passed:        409
Failed:          2
User Input:      6
Expected Fail:   0
Indeterminate:   0
Benchmark:       3
Timeout:         9
Invalid:         2
Wrong Version:  99
Wrong Build:     0
Wrong Tools:     0
Total:         530
Average test time: 0:00:00.539311
Testing time     : 0:04:45.834903

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