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Fri Aug 2 06:29:16 UTC 2019

> Why do you implement a hash map on your own? I would have renamed the
> record-main.c to and use std::map for example or
> something from boost.
I tried this but this generates a lot of warnings from the same file and
other files also. Converting from C to another language requires the
resolution of each warning. That's why I implemented it.

> The threads can execute on every CPU, so this information must not be
> CPU-specific.

> What do you want to do with this line?
> map_insert( cctx->map_per_cpu[ item->cpu ].hashArray, item->data,
> rtems_record_event_text( item->event ));
> We need thread names, not the text of a record event.
Okay. How do I get thread name in client-side?

> To figure out how the thread names are sent from the target to your
> client you have to look at this patch:
> If you don't understand this patch, then please ask.
How do I access the thread name information in client-side? Will it be only
accessible through the TCP command
./build/misc/rtems-record -H -p 1234 | head
./build/misc/rtems-record --input misc/record/qoriq_e6500_64.bin | head?

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