RTEMS Source Builder failed for MX Linux

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Aug 4 23:08:35 UTC 2019

On 2/8/19 10:59 pm, Himanshu Sekhar Nayak wrote:
> Sorry for late reply as I am busy here for admission in an university. 

That is fine and all the best in your studies.

> So I
> tried the solution suggested by you and it somewhere got build failed. This time
> it didn't asked for sudo privilege and went on building but somewhere build got
> failed. I checked the error report but there is no asking for sudo an it looks
> like it failed in sparc.
> Here is the error report:-
> https://paste.ofcode.org/g9qPLirpHSC8VJTzQybGpR

This is strange as it implies the unpacking of the gdb sources does not match
the patch and if this was true of the patch we should have all seen an error? I
am confused.

> https://paste.ofcode.org/39gaMhZkACWLK4yzMcrLTaQ
> Changes to code:-
> quick-start/src/rsb/source-builder/*defaults.mc <http://defaults.mc>* -
> https://paste.ofcode.org/J9cKqkn9qQKpFUF43Lp2Gs
> quick-start/src/rsb/source-builder/sb/*linux.py* -
> https://paste.ofcode.org/TwXFGRcaRwygWYT3pDDEmC

Can you please post diff's of these? It is too hard to inspect and know what has


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