Tabs in Source Files [C, H]

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Wed Aug 7 13:59:54 UTC 2019

----- Am 7. Aug 2019 um 15:41 schrieb joel joel at

> Hi
> While looking at assembly language formatting, I decided to grep for tabs
> in source
> files. In cpukit and testsuites, there are a LOT of files with tabs.
> $ find cpukit testsuites/ -name "*.[ch]" | xargs -e grep -rlP "\t" | grep
> -v libnetworking | grep -v pppd | grep -v contrib | wc -l
> 530
> That may be picking up a few extra files but that's still a lot of files.
> Any comments?

My approach to white space in source files would be to pick up the best source code formatter available, select a configuration which fits best to the existing style, run it over the code (excluding code which we want to keep in synchronization with an upstream) and later run every commit through it.

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