GSoC Project Wrap Up Activities

Ravindra Kumar Meena rmeena840 at
Wed Aug 21 08:11:28 UTC 2019

> + GSoC Lightning Slides: I have shared a Google presentation with as some
> of the
>    students and mentors. Please add 1-2 slides on your project. The
> presentation
>    we are starting from is last year's. The slide deck will be used
> for two purposes:
>      - 3 minute presentation at GSoC Mentor Summit
>      - part of RTEMS State of the World at Flight Software Workshop
>         (
Please share the link of Lightning slides. If it need write access then
please grant me the
write access to this file.

> + GSoC Project Summary: We usually do a blog/report/news item about GSoC.
>    1-3 paragraphs on your project is appreciated for this. I created a
> Google doc
>    for this.
> I know I missed some mentors and students having permission to the
> files. If you
> don't have access, ping me.
Please share the link of this doc. I don't have access to this file.
Please, grant me write access to this file.

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