LibBSD 5-freebsd12 branch is not linking for the BBB BSP

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue Aug 27 12:00:45 UTC 2019

On 27/8/19 6:40 pm, Chris Johns wrote:
> On 27/8/19 6:36 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> I temporarily removed the -Wl,--gc-sections from the libbsd build and disabled
>> all unused functions which pull in unresolved references. I hope this fixes your
>> build problem.
> Awesome and thanks. I will update and test soon.

The 5-freebsd12 branch is building libcurl. Many thanks for the updates, the
prompt attention is appreciated. It is great to have the BBB BSP on the RTEMS 5
branch for libbsd building.

I will push my RSB changes.


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