LTTng sched_switch documentation patch.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the review!

This is specific to QEMU and that leaves me wondering if this method of
> trace
> works on all targets.
Yes, the record tracing works on all RTEMS targets.

> "Step 1: Clone the repositories rtems-libbsd and rtems-tools and set up the
> environment, if haven’t done already."
> This should reference the specific sections in the User manual that detail
> how
> to do this.
The rtems-record-lttng tool is now available via RSB. I have updated the
doc patch(attached below)

> Step 3:
> This does not specify the host these command are to be used on. If this is
> Linux
> are these command available on all distros?
These commands are tested on Linux distros. I have tested these commands on
Ubuntu 16 and fedora 30.

> Telnet is not available on MacOS any more. This has been discussed on this
> list
> before.
Telenet is not required for tracing. I have updated doc patch.

> What is `raw-data`? There is no explanation of the types of data, where
> they
> come from and what uses them.
There are two types of input support for tracing. One is via TCP connection
where user
directly gets TCP stream on the host and another one is via stream file
where user can
provide the stream file generated from nc tool.

nc tool:

> Step 5:
> Maybe it would be good to present more detail on what is needed to install
> Trace
> Compass. This could be in the Trace Compass section.
I think it's better to include the link of the page where  installation of
Trace Compass and add-ons required
are mentioned clearly with screenshots.

> Step 6:
> I see no value in the screen capture. It is impossible to see any detail
> and
> there is no context explaining any parts of interest. I can see what the
> tool
> does on the Trace Compass website.
Yes. I agree. I have removed it.

> "Move the trace and metadata generated in common folder ..." ? What is
> this?
There is currently no support to generate the tracing in particular folder
via rtems-record-lttng tool. I have included this task in TODO list in my
GSoC final report.

The trace files which are generated from the target have to be moved in a
folder where only tracing related files are present. If othere files which
are not related to tracing are found then babeltrace will print error.

Here is the response from LTTng for the same:

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