Constant Bandwidth Server

Joel Oliveira Pinto jollp at
Thu Feb 7 13:11:54 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

After studying the implementation of the Constant Bandwidth Server (CBS) scheduler in RTEMS, I realized that it does not respect what is proposed in the original paper by Abeni and Buttazzo. For instance, RTEMS implementation does not support the following:

• Serve several threads within a server and deal with their deadlines accordingly;

• Replenish the budget of the server and postpone its deadline when the server budget is exhausted;

I’ve been implementing a new version of CBS that supports the rules above and that resembles the original paper as much as possible and I’m currently testing it at the moment. Thus, I would like to know from the community if there are some specific test cases/benchmarks (besides the X tests that already exists for CBS) that should be used to test this CBS version or generally speaking any scheduler in RTEMS?

Joel Pinto

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