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Mon Feb 18 17:39:59 UTC 2019


I wanted to pile onto Gedare's shout out for mentors. We do get great
results from GSoC and I am certain every RTEMS user benefits from something
one or more GSoC students worked on.  If nothing else, every 4.11 and newer
user is using Gedare's GSoC project. :)

For folks concerned that they might not be good at mentoring driver or BSP
development, there are opportunities for completely different types of
projects. I have been looking at Eclipse plugins trying to identify the set
that would be useful for RTEMS application development. Improving Eclipse
support is a broad area and requires different skills than driver
development. FWIW I'm not even sure what the ideal set of plugins would be.

I was thinking of researching for properly licensed diagnostic test code
like RAM, etc. Perhaps the RTEMS community could benefit from this plus the
option to configure the shell focused on diagnostics. But this is an area
where RTEMS users who support fielded systems likely have knowledge and
resources that would benefit us all.

A GSoC project focused on CFE/CFS would be good. Having an RSB package for
it would be awesome. Being able to test it regularly and demo it would be

Ditto for EPICS. RSB support and being able to test it would benefit both

There are probably opportunities related to test fuzzing and having more
static analysis tools supported (SonarQube, Frama-C, etc.).

Even a set of small but related projects can make a good GSoC project. For
example, do you have open source libraries you would like to see supported
by the RSB?

So don't think that just because you have only written application code
that you can't mentor. Some of the projects that would benefit the
community the most are now at the framework and tool level.



On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 8:40 AM Gedare Bloom <gedare at> wrote:

> Hello Development Community,
> We submitted an application for RTEMS in GSoC. If you are able to mentor
> this summer, please let me/Joel/Chris know or respond here, and also
> indicate what projects interest you. If possible, please update any
> information on about
> the projects that you like.
> Thanks,
> Gedare
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