RSB documentation

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Fri Jan 11 09:13:19 UTC 2019

----- Am 10. Jan 2019 um 0:51 schrieb Chris Johns chrisj at

> On 10/1/19 3:41 am, Gedare Bloom wrote:
>> I'm OK with this proposal.  We used to include quite messy details about how to
>> bootstrap your own GCC in the user manual. This is a bit nicer. ;) At the
>> maturity of RSB now, merging the doco with the User Manual is sensible.
> Agreed, this is sensible. I am fine with this happening.

At which position in the manual should it be placed? I think we should organize the chapters according to the relevance for new users and how the are used later during application development. I would use the RSB chapter as a reference chapter containing all the details and cover the common case in the Quick Start chapter. So, I would move the RSB chapter to the end after the Host Tools.

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