RSB: Why is "/usr" the default prefix?

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> > Hello,
> >
> > why is "/usr" the default prefix? RTEMS does not belong to the host
> system. I
> > think it should be "/opt"
> >
> >
> >
> > or "/usr/local"
> >
> >
> Sorry, I mean why is it "/usr" on Linux.
> Another question, the user manual says in the prefixes section:
> "A further reason not to use the standard prefix is to allow more than one
> version of RTEMS to exist on your host machine at a time. The autoconf and
> automake tools required by RTEMS are not versioned and vary between the
> various versions of RTEMS. If you use a single prefix such as the standard
> prefix there is a chance parts from a package of different versions may
> interact. This should not happen but it can."
> I think this is quite inconvenient from RSB to use such a prefix. Why
> can't it use OS standard prefix (e.g. "/opt" or "/usr/local") + rtems +
> version, e.g. "/opt/rtems/5" by default? You still have the root permission
> problem, but the we get rid of the conflicting versions stuff.

That's essentially what I always do. /opt is a very old convention I
remember using on Solaris. Texlive installs there. Personally, I would
recommend /opt/rtems/version or something off a home directory that is
similar. Again, personally, I create a directory
$HOME/rtems-XXX/tools/version where XXX indicates a project or purpose. I
add nothing to my PATH until I commit to working in that RTEMS instance.
This let's me keep normal work separate from new class instances away from
customer project instances.


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