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Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jan 17 09:39:37 UTC 2019

On 17/1/19 7:15 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> With respect to an example RTEMS application. Should we
> (1) suggest to check out the examples repository and start from here, or
> (2) should we provide a very simple Makefile based project?
> I tend to option (2) and just mention that the examples repository exists.

This is a complicated problem to solve because of the ABI related issues and the
need for specific flags for each BSP. If you provide explicit values they will
be right for some and wrong for others.

I think we need a section on this topic and we provide the support for build
systems users are willing to submit and support however we need to consider
tools to help this happen.

The long term plan is to provide a command called 'rtems-config' in rtems-tools
that it like pkgconfig. You query it for the flags you need. It is basically the
internals of rtems_waf but brought out to be a specific command. This can then
be used to create a simple Makefile based application we know will work for all
BSPs and architectures.

After the kernel we have 3rd party packages such as libbsd and libdl so we need
to consider how we expand what we support. With this in mind I have recently
been adding support to rtems_waf ...

This should not be just about waf and rtems_waf, all solutions should be built
on a common framework that encapsulates the RTEMS complexity.

We need to be careful with these examples because users will copy what we do and
this means what we do becomes copied and magnified.


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