[PATCH v3 7/8] grlib: make memory coherency cpu-independent

Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.se
Mon Jan 21 10:30:00 UTC 2019

On 1/21/19 11:16 AM, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
> On 1/21/19 7:26 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> On 18/01/2019 23:34, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
>>>    */
>>>   -extern int   CPU_SPARC_HAS_SNOOPING;
>>> +extern int   GRLIB_DMA_IS_CACHE_COHERENT;
>> I would leave the SPARC BSPs as is. Maybe someone uses this CPU_SPARC_HAS_SNOOPING in external drivers or whatever. I would use the GRLIB_DMA_IS_CACHE_COHERENT only in the grlib and place something like this in grlib_impl.h:
>> #include <bsp.h>
>> #ifdef __sparc__
>> #else
>> #endif
> OK, I will fix this. I will skip '#include <bsp.h>' as it creates problems in grlib/mem/mctrl.c (redefinition of struct mctrl_regs). However, since CPU_SPARC_HAS_SNOOPING is defined in bsp.h, any external driver that uses CPU_SPARC_HAS_SNOOPING already include bsp.h ...

How about something like this?

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