[PATCH] rtems-tools/covoar: Wrong coverage computed

Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.se
Fri Jan 25 14:43:40 UTC 2019

Sorry for the noise, but I have a better patch that actually solves the root problem. I ran the full testsuite on sis and covoar against libscore.a like this:

$ sparc-rtems5-ar -rcs sparc-rtems5/c/leon3/cpukit/score/libscore.a sparc-rtems5/c/leon3/cpukit/score/src/*.o

$ rtems-test --rtems-bsp=leon3-sis-cov sparc-rtems5/c/leon3/testsuites

$ /opt/rtems/5/share/rtems/tester/bin/covoar -v -f TSIM -S /opt/rtems/5/share/rtems/tester/rtems/testing/coverage/score-symbols.ini -O coverage -E /opt/rtems/5/share/rtems/tester/rtems/testing/coverage/Explanations.txt -p RTEMS-5  sparc-rtems5/c/leon3/testsuites/*/*.exe


Bytes Analyzed           : 39376 Bytes Not Executed       : 2864 Percentage Executed      : 92.73 Percentage Not Executed  : 7.273 Uncovered ranges found   : 108 Total branches found     : 860 Uncovered branches found : 200    61 branches always taken    139 branches never taken

All symbol sizes and ranges are now correctly reported/calculated in the reports. There are two remaining issues to be solved:

1. File names are printed as 'unknown' in reports (minor problem but useful)

2. We should add RISC-V support to covoar ...

Let me know if you agree to the patch ..
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