[PATCH] RSB: update sis with RISC-V and coverage support

Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.se
Sat Jan 26 20:09:39 UTC 2019

Sorry, wrong patch attached. here is the correct one.


On 1/26/19 6:24 PM, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
> Here is a patch for RSB that updates sis with RISC-V and coverage
> support. The sis patch is pulled from gaisler.se which is hosted by a
> professional web host service (binero.se), minimizing risks for any 
> down-time. The patch also bumps the version of rtems-tools so the latest
> covoar fixes are included.
> With this patch applied, we have a full development flow for code
> coverage using leon3/sis/covoar. It could also provide a good start for
> a GSoC project to bring RISC-V support to covoar.
> Unless somebody objects, I plan to push this in a few days...
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