GSoC 2019 | POSIX Compliance - RSB patch generated ndbm library (lib_a-ndbm.o) successfully in RTEMS Toolchain

Vaibhav Gupta vaibhavgupta40 at
Thu Jul 11 07:11:50 UTC 2019

After Joel pointed out in an offlist discussion,
I made a new patch for ndbm port.
To send the changes to Newlib, i had to place `ndbm.h` , `ndbm.c` in their
respective places and make  changes in
Before, I applied same patch to RSB hence ndbm library was not generated.
This time I also added files generated by `autoreconf -fvi` in the patch.
This patch is 10MB in size hence cannot be send in raw format on mailing
This patch worked with RSB and ndbm library (lib_a-ndbm.o) was generated
successfully in RTEMS Toolchain.

Thank you
Vaibhav Gupta
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