FW: RTEMS5 libdebugger/gdb issue

Misra, Avinash Avinash.Misra at jhuapl.edu
Fri Jul 12 14:31:50 UTC 2019

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Subject: RTEMS5 libdebugger/gdb issue

Hello everyone,

I am working with the current master branch of both RTEMS and RTEMS-LIBBSD on an Avnet PicoZed module (Xilinx Zynq 7015) with SMP enabled.  I am attempting to do some debugging (over Ethernet) using the remote gdb server provided by RTEMS and the arm-rtems5-gdb executable from RTEMS source builder.  I am able to connect from my host PC to the gdb server running within RTEMS on my Zynq, however I am unable to get breakpoints to work as expected.  After setting a breakpoint the system will pause but gdb on my host PC does not seem to register it (it will just remain at continue until I use ctrl-c to break out of it).

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?


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