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Wed Jul 24 15:53:17 UTC 2019


Since this weeks IRC meeting has been canceled, we were asked to post on

*What I did this week:*
- I Ported the BSD pruss driver over to rtems-libbsd.
- Moved the driver from my application to the rtems-libbsd repository, it
makes more sense to develop it there I think.
The last commit is the whole driver stack.
I still need to figure out which files to alter so that ./waf install
copies the ti_pruss.c/h files to BSP.
-I have got the solution to the clock driver module not loading just today,
device tree again...
However prcm still loads after the ti_pruss module.

*Major Blocker:*
My main blocker is the prcm clock driver loading after the pruss driver,
rendering the pruss driver unattachable.
I posted about this on devel, the mail isn't in the Archive yet.
The title was "GSoC PRU: AM35xx Clock driver" <- Help wanted and needed!

Also resolving this Blocker is my work for *next week*, if everything runs
fine I will test the driver and start porting the shell commands to access

Thanks for reading,
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