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Thu Jul 4 06:41:53 UTC 2019

On 04/07/2019 08:36, Ravindra Kumar Meena wrote:
>     This change isn't right. We want to use the file per CPU exactly to get
>     rid of this member.
>      >
>      >
>      > I have added cpu_id in ctf_event so that babeltrace knows that which
>      > cpu_id is it reading.
>     In your metadata you removed the cpu member from the event structure.
> I removed it because the new binary stream file does not have CPU. It 
> has only three values ns, event, and data.

In commit 582b999b135ddcbc1fc88a9ee2b302fe811382a7 we have:

typedef struct ctf_event {
   uint32_t                     cpu_id;
   uint64_t                     ns;
   rtems_record_event           event;
   uint64_t                     data;
} ctf_event;

So, the new binary stream is not new, it still has the CPU member!

The CPU member must move to the packet header. The packet header tells 
the consumer (e.g. babeltrace): the following events of this packet all 
belong to this CPU.

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