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Mon Jul 8 06:31:39 UTC 2019

Hello Ravindra,

On 08/07/2019 08:12, Ravindra Kumar Meena wrote:
> Plan of the week:
> All task assigned yet is complete. Only making metadata compatible with 
> new multiple binary stream file is left.
> Have made some changes in metadata:

you made a forced push to your branch. Please don't do this. This makes 
it hard for me to track changes.

Your current metadata makes no sense to me. What I would like to have in 
the event stream file is something like this:

<packet context which tells the consumer: this packet belongs to CPU X>
<event [0] with ns, even and data members>
<event [1] ...>
<event [2] ...>
<event [N - 1] ...>

I think you still have problems to understand how the CTF metadata 
works. It is essential for the project success that you fill this gap. I 
suggest you read the CTF specification again and ask questions in this 
mailing list or the lttng mailing list if something is unclear to you. 
The primary goal of this project is to visualize the trace with Trace 
Compass. I don't think it is realistic to modify Trace Compass to use 
our custom trace data. So, we have to enhance our record client to 
output lttng compatible traces. The lttng metadata is a bit more complex 
compared to what we have now. A trial and error approach will not work.

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