build of libbsd for powerpc fails with error: redefinition of 'eieio'

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Thu Jul 18 17:37:02 UTC 2019

> On Jul 18, 2019, at 01:16 , Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at> wrote:
>>> I think the <bsp.h> should not include the low level io.h header file.

Is there an up-to-date definition of what should be in <bsp.h>?  The latest "RTEMS BSP and Driver Guide” says:

"The file include/bsp.h contains prototypes and definitions specific to this board. Every BSP is required to provide a bsp.h. The best approach to writing a bsp.h is copying an existing one as a starting point.
"Many bsp.h files provide prototypes of variables defined in the linker script (linkcmds).”

- The advice “The best approach… is copying an existing one…” is suspect;
- The above is a poster-child for that EARS document you pointed out.

Removing <libcpu/io.h> from <bsp.h> leaves definitions such as the following that depend definitions from <libcpu/io.h>.  That seem to require a header such as <bsp/io.h> that <libcpu/io.h> would include.

/* fundamental addresses for BSP (CHRPxxx and PREPxxx are from libcpu/io.h) */
#define _IO_BASE            0xe0000000 /* Motload's PCI IO base */
/* address of our ram on the PCI bus   */

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