GSoC Linux UIO driver for PRU

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sat Jul 20 01:01:07 UTC 2019

On 19/7/19 8:32 pm, Nils Hölscher wrote:
> I am currently adding more and more libbsd deps to my build, that are not in
> rtems or rtems-libbsd.
> Now I have been touching these to files of the BSD kernel:
> Throwing a good dozen of warning when compiling and I only need one call from
> these files.
> This is needed in the pru driver to distinguish between prussv1 and prussv2, a
> feature I definitely want.
> FYI: prussv1 is on the TI Sitara AM18xx SoCs and v2 on the AM35xx.
> So the question is should I try to resolve those warnings and try to port the
> whole files to rtems or should I try to just pick  what I need and be done?

What are the warnings?

Do you have the libbsd changes in a repo somewhere so I can have a look?


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