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>> Ok, very good. This look all right. It is amazing how much information
>> Trace Compass can display with only sched_switch events.
> Great!! We have something working very useful. :) :)
>> Please figure out how the state member values are defined. I think this
>> is important to improve the diagrams.
> Here is the response from lltng:
> What I understand from here is that _prev_state is the previous state of
> the thread(TID)).

Yes, but what is the meaning of these state values? We have to figure this out since we need a mapping from RTEMS thread states to these Linux thread states. Could you use an example trace from Linux to check if the information referenced in this email answer makes sense?

>> It would be good to get task names for the IDs. Do you have an idea how
>> we can do this?
> With task name do you mean RTEMS_RECORD_THREAD_SWITCH_IN
> if so this can be done by calling:
> rtems_record_event_text( item->event )

Attached is a patch for RTEMS. The record server sends all thread names to the client after the header.

For thread name changes and new threads we have to think about.
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