Question about PPPD Sample

Cudmore, Alan P. (GSFC-5820) alan.p.cudmore at
Wed Mar 6 15:58:50 UTC 2019

I am trying to establish a PPP connection between a Sparc/LEON3 RTEMS board and an ARM Linux board. I found a memory alignment error for the Sparc in the PPPD GetMask function, and I can submit a patch for that.

After fixing the memory alignment problem, I am making more progress, but I have a fundamental question about the PPPD sample:
In the sample’s PPPD app, when the PPPD_IPUP_HOOK is called, the hook sends RTEMS_SIGNAL_10 to the PPPD task, and the task calls rtems_ppp_disconnect. The PPP_IPDOWN_HOOK sends a signal that results in the task calling rtems_ppp_connect.

Is the purpose of the PPPD sample to exercise the PPPD connect and disconnect code, and not to establish/maintain a connection? That is what I’m observing. It seems like as soon as the IP connection is up, the RTEMS side sends the disconnect request and they start all over again.


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