[PATCH 04/17] lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg: Update to account for static allocation and BSP small memory

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Fri Mar 8 22:43:01 UTC 2019

 bsps/arm/lm3s69xx/config/lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg | 51 +------------------------
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)

diff --git a/bsps/arm/lm3s69xx/config/lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg b/bsps/arm/lm3s69xx/config/lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg
index 0c074d0..eab13d5 100644
--- a/bsps/arm/lm3s69xx/config/lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg
+++ b/bsps/arm/lm3s69xx/config/lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg
@@ -6,9 +6,11 @@
 include: testdata/disable-iconv-tests.tcfg
 include: testdata/disable-jffs2-tests.tcfg
+include: testdata/small-memory-testsuite.tcfg
 exclude: block08
 exclude: capture
+exclude: cxx_iostream
 exclude: fileio
 exclude: flashdisk01
 exclude: fsdosfsname01
@@ -22,28 +24,6 @@ exclude: psxaio01
 exclude: psxaio02
 exclude: psxaio03
 exclude: psxconfig01
-exclude: psxtmbarrier02
-exclude: psxtmclocknanosleep02
-exclude: psxtmclocknanosleep03
-exclude: psxtmcond08
-exclude: psxtmcond09
-exclude: psxtmcond10
-exclude: psxtmmqrcvblock01
-exclude: psxtmmqrcvblock02
-exclude: psxtmmutex02
-exclude: psxtmmutex04
-exclude: psxtmmutex06
-exclude: psxtmnanosleep02
-exclude: psxtmrwlock02
-exclude: psxtmrwlock03
-exclude: psxtmrwlock04
-exclude: psxtmrwlock05
-exclude: psxtmrwlock07
-exclude: psxtmsem03
-exclude: psxtmsem05
-exclude: psxtmsleep02
-exclude: psxtmthread01
-exclude: psxtmthread03
 exclude: sp16
 exclude: sp25
 exclude: sp42
@@ -53,33 +33,6 @@ exclude: sp71
 exclude: spstkalloc02
 exclude: sptimecounter02
 exclude: sptimecounter03
-exclude: tm02
-exclude: tm03
-exclude: tm04
-exclude: tm05
-exclude: tm06
-exclude: tm07
-exclude: tm10
-exclude: tm11
-exclude: tm12
-exclude: tm13
-exclude: tm14
-exclude: tm15
-exclude: tm16
-exclude: tm17
-exclude: tm18
-exclude: tm21
-exclude: tm23
-exclude: tm24
-exclude: tm25
-exclude: tm26
-exclude: tm29
-exclude: tm31
-exclude: tm32
-exclude: tm33
-exclude: tm34
-exclude: tm35
-exclude: tm36
 exclude: tmcontext01
 exclude: top
 exclude: utf8proc01

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