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Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijaykumar9597 at
Tue May 14 21:13:27 UTC 2019

Hello everyone!

I have been active on the project and had offlist discussions about it
with the mentors. To update the devel about the ongoing work I'm
writing this status report and planning to write such status reports
regularly to devel as most of the discussions are happening offlist
with the mentors.

My forked repository for the rtems-libbsd can be found here
All my work so far is in three branches in my forked repo.
The am335x_lcd branch contains the commits for importing and
porting the am335x_lcd drivers and the tda19988 branch has all
the lcd and tda driver commits.

The hdmi framer communicates through the i2c bus and uses the
iicbus driver from the freebsd source. Since RTEMS already
supports the i2c very nicely in the target board, we have decided
to write an adaptation layer of i2c driver that will use the RTEMS
i2c driver throught the FreeBSD API. All the imported codes along
with the porting commit, which includes the adaptation layer, can be
found in the iicbus branch in the above mentioned repository. The
adaptation layer is currently in a basic state and it compiles without
any warning, to make it work with the FreeBSD API. I also wrote
a device tree overlay and applied it throught u-boot to get the device
path with the OF_getprop* calls.
The overlay device tree source can be found in the following gist

I wanted to mention that since I came to know about all the mentors
only after the GSoC results were declared, most of my discussions
were offlist with Christian. From now on I will CC all the mentors
in project-related discussions, to be able to get feedback and advice
from all the mentors.

Thank you
-- vijay
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