Instructions to send a Patch

Aditya Upadhyay aadit0402 at
Mon May 27 14:08:30 UTC 2019

Hi Vaibhav,

You have sent a completely wrong patch. You do not need to include all
these files what are existed there. You should generate a patch for
your work like addition or modification or if you have added any other

This patch should go to newlib mailing list. For your entire GSoC
period, You will send patch to Newlib-Cygwin and For testing
contributed methods, you will be adding testcases in rtems/testsuite.

For testing those methods, you will have to apply patches to
rtems-source-builder, see instructions here:

If you have not introduced yourself on newlib mailing list, then
Introduce yourself there. Point your plan what you are going to do
this GSoC Period. Though these are parts of Community bonding period.

I appreciate your effort. This is just an initial phase of GSoC. You
should take care of these things.


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