BBB Framebuffer driver : Project status

Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijaykumar9597 at
Mon May 27 10:43:25 UTC 2019


The project has progressed and I'm giving a status report of whatever
has been done since the last update.

I was working on the i2c-adaptation layer that would work on top of the
RTEMS application layer and will connect it to the FreeBSD API. The
current status is that the i2c-adaptation layer is working!
I have check that it creates a '/dev/iic0' entry and the probe and attach
is working properly for all three drivers that are involved, i.e. the
iicbus_attach, the iic_attach and the rtems_i2c_attach. I have tested
it on the target hardware Beaglebone Black.

The next step is to get a working application that will use the rtems_i2c
adaptation layer by creating an 'i2c-0' device and using the i2c command
to read EEPROM. For this I have already ported the i2c command to RTEMS.
What needs to be done now is to get a test application outside libbsd that
will use the adaptation layer. For that I have decided to create a separate
project (repository) in GitHub and build the application there.

I am not sure where should such applications go into rtems. I'm seeking
some suggestions from the devel for the location of this application that
I'm starting to build, as a test application for the ported drivers.

This is the forked branch where all the i2c driver work is there, it is up
day till today and it's tested to be working on BBB.
the commits might not be very clean now, I'll clean that up before sending
to devel.

Thank you,
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