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On 31/05/2019 01:38, Chris Johns wrote:
> On 30/5/19 7:48 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> ----- Am 30. Mai 2019 um 9:08 schrieb Ravindra Kumar Meena rmeena840 at
>>> Hi Sebastian,
>>> I talked to babeltrace community and come to the conclusion that current
>>> stable version 1.5.6 of babeltrace is not capable of converting live trace
>>> stream data into CTF.
>>> This feature is currently in development and will be released in babeltrace
>>> 2.0.
>> Ok, great, so this is the first result of the activity. Could you please update the ticket with this information. Maybe add a link to the corresponding mailing list thread.
>>> If we are able to store the current traces in the disk then I think we
>>> convert it to CTF later.
>> We should focus on a custom converter that can transform TCP streams and files with record items into CTF.
> I suggest the rtems-tools repo is used to hold a tool like this. Maybe in the
> `tester` directory. Note, we currently use Python and C++ for RTEMS developed
> pieces. Note, the rtems-tools repo supports Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, MinGW, Cygwin
> and maybe others like NetBSD and Solaris.
>> Since this program runs on the host, you can also use GPL or LGPL software.
> Hmm the rtems-tools package is aiming for no GPL or LGPL. There are a few GPL
> files in it at the moment which could be replaced if we need too but this has
> not happened yet. I would prefer we find other alternatives and avoid GPL rather
> than encourage it.

I don't encourage the use of these licenses, but using lttng-ust for 
example should be fine on the host, but not on RTEMS (see begin of this 

"LTTng UST (User-Space Tracer) Licensing
Mathieu Desnoyers
December 5, 2012

* LGPLv2.1

This library is distributed under the LGPLv2.1 license. It is intended
to allow use of the tracer API from both free and proprietary software.

* MIT license :

Public header files, and LTTng filter runtime code are distributed under
the MIT license. See mit-license.txt for details.

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