BSP for Microchip ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1

dufault at dufault at
Fri Oct 4 18:38:55 UTC 2019

> On Oct 4, 2019, at 08:59 , Christian Mauderer <list at> wrote:
> That's great news. I'm quite sure we tried some external oscillators
> back then too without luck. Might I ask which types (drive strength,
> ppm, ...) you used so I can remember them for my next odd problem with
> this chip?

Sorry, Christian, I didn't make it clear that I was quoting from that list in the entire final part of the email.  You'll need to follow-up via this link:

It is convenient for me if the ATSAME70Q21 is usable, but I need to think carefully and test before risking that.

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