[PATCH 2/3] Add hook for BSP to act when time is set

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Oct 7 08:15:56 UTC 2019

On 04/10/2019 17:08, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I can't conceive of a use case where you would need more than one hook set.
> Do you have something in mind?
> The int returned may need to be an enum so there is a list of known 
> failures which
> can be mapped to API specific errors.
> Any ideas on the new API to register with? Whether it is one hook or a 
> set, we will
> need an API. Is this part of the rtems_clock_ APIs? or something like
> rtems_tod_register_hooks() and unregister? I'm having trouble putting a 
> name on
> the API.
> The way I implemented this, it was not called in non-paravirtualized 
> environments and
> required to be provided by the BSP in paravirtualized environments. It 
> was quite
> simple.
> I'm happy to move to a register type interface. Just want help in 
> defining requirements and
> API specifications.

The hook infrastructure needs to be testable. Your v1 patch added 
untestable code paths non-paravirtualized environments. A generalization 
of the API is easy and may be beneficial in the future (e.g. use in RTC 
drivers). At the moment I don't see a need for a public API. We can add 
a wrapper later if necessary.

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