Question regarding newlib/libgloss

Andrei Zisu Andrei.Zisu at
Mon Oct 14 12:13:52 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I am currently learning about how RSB builds the toolchain.

Although this isn't my question to the list, for context, I am looking at to reusing the rtems toolchain for other non-rtems-based targets we have.

Looking at it, there's not a lot of difference to an arm-none-eabi compiler. However, it appears that libgloss is entirely disabled for rtems toolchains in the newlib configuration.

Looking through the history of newlib, I was able to trace the origin of this disabling to a change from 1996 by Joel Sherill which simply enables rtems toolchains.

Therefore, I was wondering what is the reasoning behind disabling this, or is it simply a change carried over from other targets which disabled it?

What would the drawbacks of enabling it be? It seems to me that enabling it would not interfere since it is opt-in?

Best regards,

Andrei Zisu


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