Fwd: GCC 7.5 Status Report (2019-10-22)

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Oct 22 12:45:38 UTC 2019

I would like to see most targets moved to newer major versions but I think
at least the PowerPC will want to bump for the upcoming gcc 7 release.

Binutils has a new release and I think we also have changes to newlib to
pick up.

For newlib, I'm caught up at the moment. Not sure about Sebastian.


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From: Richard Biener <rguenther at suse.de>
Date: Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 7:42 AM
Subject: GCC 7.5 Status Report (2019-10-22)
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The GCC 7 branch is open for regression and documentation fixes.

We will close the GCC 7 branch after the release of GCC 7.5.  There
has been a lot of backporting activity to this branch a few weeks ago,
but some bits may be left.

I'm currently planning to do GCC 7.5 RC1 in the week of Nov. 4th;
so please adjust your schedules accordingly.

As usual this is a good time to test your non-{primary,secondary}
target making sure it builds and works correctly at least.

Quality Data

Priority          #   Change from last report
--------        ---   -----------------------
P2              289   +  56
P3                3   -  11
P4              148   -  29
P5               27   -   1
--------        ---   -----------------------
Total P1-P3     292   +  45
Total           467   +  15

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