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> Hi guys,
> So the Org. application submission is still going on and the last date is
> 28th Oct. As far as I know, we have collected 3 mentors and we gonna need
> more for mentoring students. Also mentoring and organizing the tasks for
> young generations is amazing and it will benefit the Org. too. So if anyone
> interested then let we know us so that we can participate in this
> competition.
> Hi Himanshu,

It's really nice that you're so enthusiastic about GCI. This year, not many
showed interest in mentoring for GCI and the deadline to collect them is
very close.
We have only two days.

Himanshu contacted me privately and I can try to devote some time to GCI
even if
I will be having exams at that time. But only a few of us can't handle all
students. We need more mentors!

If anyone is interested in mentoring High School students during GCI, please
let us know here. The deadline is 28th Oct.

Best regards,

> Thanks
> Himanshu
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