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for the new build system the specification what to build is contained in 
so called build specification items. The items are files in YAML format 
and are maintained by Doorstop and a text editor. For example a build 
specification item for an integer configuration option could look like:

active: true
build-type: integer-option
default: 100000000
- value: 333333333
   variant: xilinx_zynq_zc702
- value: 666666667
   variant: xilinx_zynq_zedboard
derived: false
header: ''
level: 1.5
links: []
normative: true
ref: ''
reviewed: cKwFFKjf_aPPFZe7fKyxBqYcAqdvU2A0yQaBdhbONQ8=
text: |
   ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore PERIPHCLK clock frequency in Hz
type: build

How do we want to handle optional attributes (e.g. min)? Should we 
mandate that they are always present in the item file, e.g.

min: null

or should it be able to omit them and use default values in the wscript, 

min ="min", None)
if min not None:
	if value < min:


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